Hey Everyone!

Final week of blog posts! I don’t know how many of you have been reading these, but I know that I’ve had a great time writing these posts and sharing my thoughts and process with you all! This time around we have the last song on the EP, I Can’t Be (Good Enough). This song was actually recorded a few years ago, but I never really felt like it was ready to be released. When I first wrote it, the song was titled "Shifting Sand." The whole idea of the song is that I’m writing to God, trying to understand how someone as lost and confused and messed up as I am, could ever be seen as good. I often get so deeply caught up in my thoughts and emotions that I start to forget who I am. In the past, this has led me into some dark places that I never know how to get out of. When writing this song, I really struggled with these feelings of inadequacy, both in myself and in my music. I changed the name of the song to Good Enough to remind myself that a work of art is never truly finished, and that at some point I had to just be okay with letting my work and myself be good enough. While I eventually added "I Can’t Be" to the title to better represent the ideas and lyrics in the song, I kept the phrase good enough to serve as the title of the EP. I hope that this collection of songs can serve as a reminder to myself and anyone who listens to it that if you keep waiting for yourself to be perfect, you’re never going to stop waiting. In the end, it’s okay to let yourself just be good enough.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy the EP next Friday.