Nothing Gold Can Stay - Behind the Lyrics


Hey Everyone!


First things first, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this post and listen to my songs or even just generally be curious about what it is I’m doing here. On September 7th, my EP, [GOOD ENOUGH], will be released and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you all some insight into the stories behind the songs. Over the next few weeks I will be going track by track through the four songs and talking a little bit about how they came about and what they mean to me. 

The first song on the EP is Nothing Gold Can Stay. I wrote this song a few months ago, after a long period of not really writing anything. I tend to get pretty anxious when I go a while without writing a song because this business that I’m trying to get into is very fast paced and I often worry that I’ll run out of ideas and then I’ll have to start looking for a new career path. This anxiety really got my mind going on the topic of impermanence, the fact that nothing lasts forever, and everything will someday change. I thought back to all the love songs that I’ve heard in my life that talk about forever, and how they all make it sound like it’s a sure thing. So I set out to try and write a realistic love song that doesn’t take this concept of forever for granted. What I ended up with was a song that acknowledges that there is beauty in the impermanence, and that we should appreciate the love that we have instead of wishing we had more.

I can’t wait to share this song with you all on September 7th and I hope you enjoy listening to it! Thanks again for reading and I’ll bring you another one of these next week!